Point-to-Point Training Prices

Professional & Experienced

‍Our small family run training yard allows us to tailor tailor your horses training to optimise their performance.  For us it's not just about physical health it's also about mental health.  With 55 acres of turnout your horse still has time to be a horse, a relaxed athlete always performs at their best. ‍We take the health of your horse extremely seriously so all horses entering the yard must be wormed and all jabs up to date.  Although small, we pride ourselves in our professionalism so as you would expect to ensure clarity a contract and disclaimer must be signed prior to any training.

‍Point to Point Training £600 per month.

‍Fitness work can be provided

45 minute work                            £10.00
20 minute hack                            £7.00
Rygrass Haylage (large bale)      £30.00
20kg Shaving Bale                       £8.00 

We will provide a detailed breakdown of all cost for each invoice period, so you know exactly what you are paying for. Rent is invoiced four weekly in advance and we ask that payment is made by bank transfer or cash, regrettably we cannot accept cheques.

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